Bedtime, Little Brother

“Bedtime, little brother”,said big brother.

“No!” Screamed little brother. “Don’t wanna!”

“C’mon kiddo, dad’s gonna be home soon and he’s gonna be angry that you are not in bed.”

Little brother scowled “Dad’s never home..”

Big brother sighed. At 8 he had sole responsibility of his little brother.

“And tomorrow’s my birthday too!”

“Oh? Really now? Wasn’t your birthday last year?”

“Birthdays come every year big brother!” giggled Little brother

“Do they now? ”


“And how old will you be this year?”

“You know that big brother. I’ll be five!” And he held up four then five fingers

“Hmm. Well five year old or not, its still past your bed time.”


“No kiddo. Go to sleep.” And big brother tucked the Little brother in the threadbare ratty bed sheets

Little brother, now with his eyes drooping, garbbed the sleeve of his retreating brother.

“Sleep with me?” He queried through a yawn


Big brother slid into the bed beside him and tucked the covers in over both of them.

Little brother curled up as close as he physically could and tucked his head in under Big brother’s chin.

“G’n’ght”, he said, voice heavy with sleep

“G’night little brother.”



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