Take a deep breath.
Its just a bad day,
Not a a bad life

He lay on the bed, headphones in, lights out.

The moonlight filters in thorough the half drawn blinds, illuminating the tiny tabby kitten lying cuddled up on his stomach.

The cat purred, disgruntled and borrowed further in his stomach.

“Well, at least you still like me, huh?”
He poked the cat with a finger.

“Mew”, agreed the cat, flicking the finger with a tiny, pink tongue.

The little alarm clock on his bedside, under the reading lamp, beeped, announcing the new day.

The cat turned its head into his hand and purred.

Oh well, today will be better, has to be.


He ignored the fact that that was exactly what he had thought yesterday.

Oh well.

Those quotes cannot be all bosh.

Can they?



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