Growing up, I used to hear mother boast that I was a quiet child, that I never caused any trouble. It was true too – if I was sat down somewhere, I would sit there, still as a mouse, and not utter a word.

But what made all the mothers coo over me turned out to be quite harmful for my social life.

Growing up I was the quiet girl in class, the one that never spoke. Not just in class, but everywhere. And so I had no social circle to speak of.

It was a problem.

And then I met this girl that loved to talk. She could chatter on and on and on and not give tso hoots about whether i said a word.

It was comfortable.

It was freeing.

And so, we became friends.

Before I knew it, we were the inseparable pair. Everyone knew of us and about us.

We were best friends.

We still are.

She makes me feel good about myself. She accepts me as I am, no restrictions, no expectations, no ultimatums.

Best friends for life?

Nah, mate.

We will be haunting people into the next millennium,


My beautiful Abby


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